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 Medisave for Assisted Conception Procedures, Delivery and Higher Order Birth
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Assisted Conception Procedures

What is the Medisave withdrawal limit for assisted conception procedures?

2. Will I be able to use Medisave for ACP treatments received overseas?
3. I did not use Medisave for my 1st cycle of ACP. Will I be able to withdraw up to $6000 from my Medisave for my next ACP cycle as this would be the first time I am using Medisave for ACP?
4. Can I use my immediate family member's Medisave to pay for my ACP treatment?

Why is the use of Medisave for ACP restricted to 3 treatment cycles?


ACP are very costly procedures. Why can't Medisave be used to cover the full cost of treatment?


Is the use of Medisave for ACP limited to In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) only or does it apply for other assisted conception methods?

Medisave Maternity Package
1. What is Medisave Maternity Package and its purpose?
2. Is there only one Medisave Maternity Package for everyone?

Is Permanent Resident (PR) eligible for Medisave Maternity Package (MMP)?


Can  I claim Medisave for my pre-delivery medical expenses before i deliver?


I had my pre-delivery medical care at Hospital A but I have decided to go and have my baby at Hospital B, can I still claim for the pre-delivery medical expenses under the Medisave Maternity Package?

6. Can I claim from the Medisave Maternity Package if I am admitted to a private hospital?
7. Is the Medisave Maternity Package applicable for higher order births?
8. I have already paid the  bill for my pre-delivery expenses. Can I still claim my pre-delivery medical expenses under the Medisave Maternity Package?
9. Now that Medisave can be used for pre-delivery medical expenses, does it mean that I do not have to pay for these medical expenses?
10. Do I need to present the bills in order to claim for my pre-delivery medical expenses? What if I had thrown them away?
Higher Order Births

Can I use Medisave for the delivery of my 4th or 5th child?

2. I already have 3 children and I am expecting twins. Do I need to have a combined Medisave balance of $15,000 before I can claim?

My wife has 3 children from her previous marriage, and we are expecting our first child. Will her 3 children from her 1st marriage be taken into consideration in determining the order of delivery?

4. My wife has a child from her previous marriage who was born overseas. She has 3 other children born in Singapore from her 2nd marriage to me. Can she claim Medisave for her fourth child from this 2nd marriage?
5. We have 4 children from our marriage. However, our 1st child was born overseas and we did not claim Medisave for the delivery expenses. Can we claim for our forthcoming delivery in Singapore?
6. Our 1st child has passed away. We have 3 living children now. Can we claim Medisave for our forthcoming delivery?
7. Why is there a need to restrict the use of Medisave for the delivery expenses of the 5th and higher order child to only parents who have a minimum combined Medisave balance of $15,000?
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