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1. What is the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR)?
2. Why is the Government setting up the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) system?
1. What information will be in the NEHR?  Where will the information come from?
2. Which healthcare institutions will have access to the information in the NEHR?
3. How will I benefit from being in the NEHR system?
4. Can I choose to opt-out of the NEHR? What will happen if I do so?
Addressing concerns
1. Who will have access to my medical information on the NEHR?
2. How will my medical records be kept safe under NEHR?  How can I be sure that my electronic record stays secure and confidential?  How can I be sure that only authorised people will see my information? What assurances do I have that organisations will not sell my information for commercial purposes?
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